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Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare is fundamental to achieving optimal results, therefore, you need to strictly follow your technician’s After Care instructions for flawless healing.

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The main difference between Microblading and Ombre Brows is the technique used to create the brow. Microblading uses a handheld device to deposit the pigment under the skin while ombre brows are made using a small machine to carefully place hundreds of extremely small dots of pigment within the skin. Ombre Brows are known to be much less painful than traditional Microblading techniques.

The initial Microblading session can take a couple of hours. The majority of this time will be used in creating the perfect look for you before starting the procedure. Once a look has been chosen, the actual procedure will take between 30 and 60 minutes per brow to complete.
Most people who have had Microblading have stated that the discomfort is no greater than that of getting a regular tattoo. Many even report that their artist used a numbing gel which totally eliminated the discomfort. They claimed that all that was felt was the pressure of the instruments on their skin. If you are worried about experiencing discomfort while having Microblading done, speak with your eyebrow artist and see what steps they take to eliminate or prevent discomfort.

It would be best if you avoid exercise for a minimum of seven days after having Microblading completed. Sweating can fade the pigment in your eyebrows before they have completely healed. The salt in your sweat may also sting the area before it is healed. 

It is always recommended to keep this area as dry as possible for a week after the procedure so that the pigment can settle correctly into your skin.

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